Notes on The Journey August 6th 2021


There is a light at the end of my work tunnel and with luck I will return to a reasonably stable work schedule and two days off a week soon! *knocks on wood* As I’ve mentioned previously, the hectic pace of work has in a strange way been helpful in that I found my best work-self/worksonna once more and so things on that front have been a lot easier and more stable on a personal and professional and mental health level.

As you might imagine working so much overtime and with crazy schedules including double shifts and turn around shifts and unexpected scheduling changes has led to little to no free time. Work, sleep, prep-for-work, wash, rinse, repeat. My regular practices have shrunk to the bare minimums. At the same time though, I have managed to celebrate a number of New Moons and been presented with the opportunity to practice and deepen my Craft.

It’s an interesting development in ones spiritual path when you set aside the rote words and rites and patterns of the past and start treading your own way.

I find myself examining some of the work and magick I’ve done in the last 6 months or more. Should I have put more caveats on my spell for ‘prosperity’? Probably! *chuckles ruefully at the lesson learned*

More interestingly I find it interesting how, when dear DK messaged me about spells and prayers for her beloved and I agreed… it seemed like some sort of switch was turned on… or perhaps that once I stepped into the circle of my own power and responsibility as a Witch that act seemed to echo into the unseen world and several relationships reshuffled and reconnected and changed in subtle ways.

Yesterday was a blissful day off and I spent the day participating in the Oxygen cycle; sleep, putter around with some minimal chores, eat, meds, puttering around with social media amusements, nap, wash, rinse, repeat. It. Was. Lovely!!

Today it is back to work again a little later and in the coming days there will be chances to start weekly and daily work on the many many things that need doing around the house and yard to make things more livable and pleasant once more. I’ve done a little more work on the Online Resources page and am going to reach out to a few dear friends before getting ready for work.

Bliss, and Blessed Be,