The Holy Season: Notes (or) Pride: pt 1.5 of ?


As is the nature of a mixed format blog sometimes, a post is evolving into a series.

This series will explore the many ways we can engage as LGBTQIA peoples (and as allies) in Pride as a Holy Season. There will be practical suggestions, ideas for spiritual or metaphysical practice, and several resources presented across an as yet unknown number of posts.  My hope, is to do this all within June of 2022… but the series much like ones journey as an LGBTQIA person and in Pride is ongoing.

Now, my own preference in referring to myself, despite being a mostly Cisgender Gay man, is the word Queer.  I have written a bit about this decision of mine elsewhere.  Some people object to this word for a variety of reasons, I would invite those people to please dwell with and upon their discomfort with Queer in this work, although for the sake of ‘verbal’ variety I will be using it interwoven with other terms, and would welcome discussion of this decision and of any of my ideas in the comments.

Bliss & Blessed Be,


So what do you think?! Opinions? Ideas? Beuller... Bueller?!

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