Notes Upon The Journey: January 11th 2023

1/11/2023 Wednesday the day of the Mercury
10:06 am Hour of Jupiter
Waning Gibbous Moon


After a few days of very disrupted sleep patterns I had slept for several hours yesterday, to awaken around 11pm, I was up for a couple of hours and indulged myself with some delightfully spicy Penang Curry delivery and then listened to my body and went back to bed for a few more hours before awakening in the predawn hours. I’ve sipped a great deal of coffee, watched some youtube, injected some social into my social media over on Mastodon with a couple of brief conversations, skimmed current events thanks to NPR and Reuters, and struggled to write something until it occurred to me to take a few moments to focus on my breath, ground and center, switch to drinking water and to eat something.

It may be time to add a few notes to my Notes To Self notebook about self-care? One must remember to balance the feeding of body and mind and spirit after all. I started this notebook in the aftermath of my hospitalization back in 2020 as a way of working through some mental fog and depression, sort of an amateurs’ version of Cognitive Behavior Therapy I suppose.

Some of my early morning readings today included a timely article on 6 Herbs for Lung Support, a bit on social media about how the Queens NY Public Library now allows anyone anywhere to become e-card holder and gain access to their entire digital collection, and a gofundme fundraiser for a Pagan and Witch Elder needing a little assistance. NPR served up a piece on how one can reduce food waste, this article left me with a lot to think about … for me also highlighted the importance of charities like Feeding America, and I hadn’t even heard about the Nationwide Flight Shut down in the U.S. until Reuters mentioned it!

I’ve also been able to give some thought to my writings and workings for the coming year with a view towards of trying to carry forward the theme of Light persisting.

For the moment though, I need to go get cleaned up and take care of a few things around the house.

What new projects or ideas or influences have you found for yourself at the dawning of a New Year?

Bliss and Blessed Be,
Pax / Geoffrey

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