Notes Upon The Journey: March 5th 2023

3/5/2023 Sunday Day of The Sun
9:12 AM Hour of Mercury

Waxing Gibbous Moon


It is a bright yet cloudy day today and the Springtime weather of Central Florida is doing it’s best impression of Summer. The highs and lows of temperature have been higher than I recall them in past years. The songs and debates of birds mingle with the susurrus of distant road traffic and a far off jet’s flight and the occasional outburst of life and activity from one of the neighboring yards. The humidity is noticeable in the air, a hint of sensation upon the skin, still subtle rather than the oppressive cloying weight of Summer. It is as if the Winter Storm systems in the Northern U.S. have pushed a lot of the unseasonable warm weather in other parts of the U.S. down onto the Florida Peninsula. The pollen count is particularly high recently and thanks to allergy medications I feel rather so myself sometimes!

The last month or so has seen me getting used to new work and new schedules at my previously mentioned new job. I am now an Airport Shuttle driver for an airport mid or business segment hotel. When I am not moving guests between the airport and hotel and back, I might be assisting with check-ins at the front desk, assisting a guest with minor room issues, stocking out small lobby snack and beverage “market”, running to a nearby store for some maintenance or office item, occasionally unloading a delivery, or getting coffee and hot water restocked for the lobby. I am working a predominantly afternoon & evening shift, now that my department is fully staffed. The shuttle service was recently re-instated by the hotel after a 2 year absence where they relied on ride services.

With these new rhythms of work has come a new awareness of the subtle rhythms of weather and the sometimes chaotic ones of flight information. This has stirred some of my thoughts regarding the interconnectedness and interdependence of all things and also sent me scuttling for something resembling a quick refuge into a few weeks of semi-obsessive scrolling over on Tik Tok. I have even posted a few posts there.

The interplay of my posts and reposts on there have highlighted for me once more how much I have over the years backed away from posting my own thoughts and opinions and weirdness and wonderfulness online in favor of highlighting and reposting others. Some of this I can trace back about a decade as I began to advance in my last job, the one I had mistaken for my career, where I friended some co-workers and associates and became self-conscious about… well… everything…

This interplayed with the hectic nature of my work schedules and the ever present danger of procrastination undergoing an alchemical change into inaction. The result? Losing track of my spiritual way, and the unconscious setting aside of my voice and writing for far too long.

I am attempting to focus this month of March, on only posting my own work, and not reposting that of others. Sharing specific items with friends is still allowed, as is citing interesting items here… but I am going to try and avoid the unconscious patterns I have discovered within myself and my history.

In doing so I am finding several new musings on the nature of the current landscape within Social Media and how radically it has changed over the last decade or two…

For now though, I need to peek in on a few neglected places online and reach out to some of my face-to-face dears.

Bliss & Blessed Be,
Pax / Geoffrey

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