Who is "Pax"?

If your coming here from some of my other social media, you’ve probably seen this bit before…

Aspiring Writer and Content creating totally awesome Queer Pagan dude!

My given name is Geoffrey, you can call me Pax… many of my Pagan friends do although if your trying to catch my attention in a crowd my given name tends to work better… being blessed with the challenge of ADHD one never knows what might captivate my attention!

I was born and raised in Alaska and lived there most of my life, I had traveled other places but never lived anywhere else until September 2005 when I moved to Orlando FL.  I am a contemporary Polytheist and Witch, a sometimes Unitarian Universalist, a relatively left-leaning Democrat on the U.S. political spectrum, a Hospitality Professional currently in the Hotel industry, among many other things.

I really can’t pinpoint a time when magic, mythology, history, arts and crafts, folklore and the occult didn’t interest me. I can remember in grade school my favorite vocabulary and spelling book was one that featured the myths and stories of the Greek Gods. Mythology and Folklore and ESP and The Paranormal and such always fascinated me and featured prominently in my reading as a child. I remember that I would always check out books of ghost stories and mythology. I’m somehow certain that I have read part or all of Time/Life’s many book series on the occult and supernatural. Arm in arm with my interest in the occult I remember a strong sense of connection to the natural world and a powerful sense of Faith and its centrality and importance in my life even if I couldn’t identify my faith at the time.

I remember as a child thinking that reincarnation made sense, and how it seemed like all the so-called Judeo-Christian religions really had a lot in common so why did they argue so much? I remember gathering rain water and plants and flower petals and blending them in an old soup pot. Later I would pour these potions out into the Garden in order to make it grow.

At some point in my late teens or early twenties, I began to explore magic and Taoist literature.  At a certain point I made the decision to amicably walk away from Christianity, even though I was never necessarily a Christian or in a denomination. I met a Wiccan and some other fellow travelers and began to dabble in Paganism and magic.

Over the years I have gone through cycles of activity and inactivity in my practices and engagement with my faith.  I have moved away in many respects from a Neo-Pagan Wicca approach and more into the realms of Traditional Witchcraft and a dance-with-whom-so-ever-shows-up kind of Polytheism.

As part of a renewal of my writing after many years of absence I am updating and reworking my Blog,  I am also exploring and learning about the many forms of expression across social media.

Well, that’s where I’m coming from.  Please, sit down, have a cup of tea or coffee, or a glass of wine or a nice rummy punch and take a look around the site…


Pax / Geoffrey