A Subtropical Ostara

Hello my dear Pagans!

So once again the Wheel of the year has turned and Spring, officially, has Sprung.  The major sign of this turning here in Central Florida has been the Citrus Pollen, which has inundated us for days, is soon to be joined with the Live Oak Pollen.

(Can Live oaks get Mistltoe?!  I’ll post a picture of it soon but we have some species of Bromelliad growing in the branches of one of our Liveoaks… lightish green rounded tipped leaves, whitish berry?!)

Anyway I am once more trying to unscrew the inscrutableness of what the Wheel of the Year means to me in an environment where Citrus Harvest is in December and a nearby down’s Strawberry Festival has come and gone in February and early March.!

Personally, and for no particularly well documented reason, I tend to think of Ostara as the Children’s Festival.  Fertility and Birth seem wrapped up in the colored Eggs and Hares and Chicks (baby birds, not Hippie Girls ~ although Hippie Girls are cool too… Fundamentalist comic book publishers are, however a little lower on my list!)

Just as Imbolc celebrates new things and beginings and creativity, So too does Ostara continue those themes and interweave them with the exuberance of Childhood.  (And for most of my lifetime, back in Alaska, the first real signs of Spring… as opposed to the return of the light)

It suddenly occurrs to me that one of the things I have always seen within the Wheel is a symbolic progression through various stages and points of our lives… perhaps that shall prove a usefull hook in writing about the Sabbats and the Seasons… hrmm…

Anyway my dear ones… I am off to surf the Pagan Internet for a bit looking for crafty, culinary, and creative ways of honoring this holiday.