Check this new podcast out!!

Hey folks,

I am puttering around the Internet and Facebook and similar delightful distractions as I wait to go on a job interview. So I see a note on Facebook where I ended up checking out a new podcast The Infinite and The Beyond.

It is in it’s first episode and starting up, and I want to encourage anyone who reads this to check out this well produced new entry into the Pagan podcasting community!

I love, love, love this show… and am having a great deal of trouble following my own rule about linking the online resources page to a podcast that has only a few episodes… it’s really good folks!


PS- am working on some writings about life, love, loss, and death and spirituality… but sometimes life and spirituality is about the fun and deep yet light stuff too!

In praise of Religious Literacy, our own and others…

And some praise for Pagan TV!

So I was wandering around the Internet today and was lurking around the now infamous YouTube… and found Pagan TV.  There are some very good episodes there, and I found their Religious Literacy episode particularly evocative and inspiring!

In the Pilot episode our primary hostess Pagan Meghan talks about the reasons she and her cohorts have been inspired to create this channel.  One of them is their own quest to find out where the tech savy pagans were and why they weren’t broadcasting to the Pagan world… sadly having done a little more searching I would say because not all Pagans on Youtube or the Internet  are as religiously literate as Pagan Meghan.

Pagan TV’s Religious Literacy episode should be required watching for any and all potential Pagans!

Religious Literacy within ones own faith is important, as a Pagan religious literacy in other peoples faiths is essential!  As a Witch who believes that Yaweh (as Jesus’ Dad is known in some hymns and circles) , while not my God, is still a God and worthy of a certain amount of respect.  Almost every form of Paganism accepts the fact that our Gods, and the Gods of all other faiths, are real!

Just because your neighbor’s faith and God or Gods are not your own, does not mean that you should be disrespectful of them.  To be respectful, you need to have some basic knowledge, and that is a wonderful and important message to see being spread in our community!

To that end I would like to highlight a couple of items from the ‘links!’ page…

Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance

A large religious web site which promotes religious freedom, tolerance and diversity as positive cultural values.  Quite simply the BEST source for information on a religion or on a religion related issue!

Religion Facts

Another site providing facts and information about the worlds religions

So the next time you hear a radio commentator talking about the Pentecostal response to a particular issue, or you hearon the news about the Jains in India or there’s footage of a ritual in Japan at a Shinto shrine… you can go here and find out what’s going on.