About "Chrysalis"?

Welcome dear reader to Chrysalis!

“Chrysalis – The form which Butterflies, moths, and other insects assume when they change from the state of larva or caterpillar and before they arrive at their winged or perfect state.”

I found the above definition years ago in a dictionary somewhere… and it seemed to me to be an excellent analogy for the path of Witchcraft in general and my own spiritual journey in particular.

Chrysalis is one part online journal with a spiritual focus, one part bully pulpit for my opinions and ideas and observations on Paganism and spirituality and life in general, and one part a place to practice the art of writing that has at times obsessed me from childhood.  Originally I focused on spirituality, but over time I am realizing that whatever your religious persuasion it interweaves with every other aspect of your life, so you never know what you might find me writing about here!

I am returning to this blog and the journey of writing/blogging after a number of years away.  Look for some of these pages to change over time as I get to them, and bear with me as I shake the rust and dust of my wordsmithing skills and reconsider some ideas I expressed (in some cases) nearly a decade or more ago.

For me Witchcraft and Paganism have been a journey of transformation and growth.  A continuing series of revelations, continually opening to new lessons about my world and about Spirit and the Gods and about my self.  An endless unfolding like a thousand-fold lotus in the light of the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars.  This ongoing quest towards my ‘winged or perfect state’  has been a transformation from what I was or believed myself to be, and growth into my best self. This is a journey that despite periods of distraction, and dormancy, and stagnation, I continue to this day.

I believe that in the end that this personal striving, alone or in groups, to grow through ritual and gnosis as well as ecstasy and inspiration into our winged or perfect state is at the heart of all religions and spiritualities.

Bliss and Blessed Be,