The 7 Habits and the Witch

So, I got that planner/personal organizer I mentioned in my previous post.  I chose a FranklinCovey introductory planner, with a small notepad and a wirebound blank weekly/monthly planner.  I’ve been carrying it with me as much as I could, thats one of the things organization experts suggest you do with your new planner.  It’s been a lot of fun actually, filling out the months and days and putting in notes from my home-made calendar on different events and observances I want to honor.


In filling out my organizer, especially when I put in a Full or New Moon, or when I note U.S. Flag Day or an upcomming open circle, there is a sense of reconnecting or recommiting to things that matter to me.  Not just getting organized but of becoming more centered. 


 I also recently picked up a copy of 7 Habits for Highly Effective People.  Strangely enough there is a lot in this book that I had already had some realizations or thoughts about, largely as a result of my pursuit of the Witches path.  I especially like where Dr. Covey talks about how we choose how we react to the things that happen to and around us.  This was one of those realizations I had years ago when contemplating the intersection of “An ye harm none” and the idea of Threefold Return.



The 7 Habits

… and a link on each…

1. Be Proactive

2. Begin with the End in Mind

3. Put First Things First

4. Think Win/Win

5. Seek first to understand, Then to be Understood

6. Synergize

7. Sharpen the Saw.


If you don’t feel like wading through all those articles, you can read a short article about them here


It’s a good book and has been added to the “Books!” page here.  I really think that the ideas in it are fundemental to becoming a whole and effective person.  In each chapter, detailing one of the Habits and how to cultivate it, Covey discusses numerous ideas and techniques that I think would fit well into the mental altar-cabinet of any Witch or Pagan.  In some ways it seems to me Covey has provided a framework for Acting in Accord with the spiritual framework of Pagan Spirituality.  A philosophy, and attitude, that is accessible to a modern mind and also widely available.




Blue Chakra Redux…

So, as I posted recently, I am trying to speak my mind and offer up my honest opinions rather than sitting and/or stewing in silence… among other things.



In speaking (or in this case e-mailing) my mind recently I have had the realization that I have some very strong ideas of how public rituals should be structured and how some Pagan community organizations should operate/interact with and within their communities.  These strong opinions are at a point where they almost obligate me to stand up and start doing… in the form of working on/with public rituals in my community and/or working on/with/within my local Pagan community.



I could back down, sit down and shut up.  Goddess knows it would be easier and less fraught with potential for drama and disappointment and frustration! 



It would not, however, be striving for my highest idealsdarn pesky things ideals!  They complicate things, and obligate us to move from the realm of thought to the realm of action.  Is this an “As Above, So Below.” moment?  I know, or more accurately I fear, that with action comes risk and uncertainty.  However with action one can also find resolution, completion.



Now … how to go about it?  Better question… how to follow through with these ideas and ideals whilst wrestling with my current career and family obligations?  Now, I realize that this question is something a whole lot of folks wrestle with, especially folks of faith who wish to be involved in their faith communities.  It’s still darn intimidating though, especially at the beginning.



One thing I know I need to do is to get my A.D.D-blessed-self a day-planner!  More organization certainly would not hurt!  Niether would it hurt to remember to communicate in openness and honesty (I can almost hear my dear friend Phoenix chiming in with “Don’t forget tact, Pax!”) with folks in my community, and with my friends from all over.  I have a lot of things I need to start doing in my life and juggling all of them is something I know I am capable of, even if it does seem or feel difficult.   


Funny though, I didn’t have as much trouble at school…  On the other hand, School was all about short term goals and I had to fit myself to the structure, which for A.D.D. blessed little old moi is easier than coming up with one on my own. 



Perhaps I should be meditating on Balance?  Casting spells for Prosperity?  Praying for Guidance?  Or D) All of the Above?!?



Well, at least my throat chakra seems to be flowing better…



A few thematic links…



7 Habits Article

~ I haven’t read the book yet, but I have found this handy article about the 7 Habits. 



FranklinCovey Planners

~ I will probably be starting at my local bookseller and maybe move up to FranklinCovey later, but this site has given me some inspiration for what I need in a personal organizer.



Time Management Guide (dot) Com

~ A whole lot of wisdom and ideas about time management.



Perfomance, Learning, Leadership, & Knowledge

~ A fascinating personal website of essays and articles

I’m Rockin’ the Vote, Baby!!

So I’ve registered to vote in my new county.  Or at least I used the Rock the Vote system that lets my set up my voter application form for whatever State in the U.S. I happen to live in.


Here’s a few interesting facts I found at the RTV site…


  • 4,039 Americans have been confirmed killed in Iraq since the war began in March 2003.  An estimated 47,677 Iraqis have died since the Shiite-led government was announced in April 2005.  Iraq Coalition Casualty Count
  • One in three African American men will be imprisoned in their lifetime, compared to one in five Latinos and one in twenty Caucasian men. In 2004, one in twelve African Americans were denied the right to vote because of a felony conviction.   US DOJ and
  • According to 2007 reports, adults ages 20-24 have the highest rate of unemployment in the country at 8.2%, more than twice that of the national average.  They are followed by 25-34 year olds at 4.7%. Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • As of 2007, 13.3 of the 45 million Americans who lack basic health insurance are between the ages of 19 to 29.  The Commonwealth Fund, August 2007
  • Glaciers are now melting twice as fast as they were in 2004, threatening fresh water access for people in the Himalayas, Andes, and the Western United States.  UN Environmental Programme
  • Food prices are rising all over the world, causing riots in Egypt and the Philippines, and forcing a record-high 28 million Americans to rely on food stamps. NY Times March 2008
  • Today an average student will graduate with twice as much debt as a student ten years ago; today’s average job pays less than it did ten years ago. Campus Progress
  • The Iraq War is expected to cost tax payers $3 trillion.  With that money we could give Medicaid Level Health insurance to every uninsured American at $3,067 per person.  Or we could buy 142 million Americans energy-efficient hybrid cars. Or we could send 20 million students to college.



Rest, Renew, Recharge…

I am in an inbetween sort of mood.  I am feeling a little under the weather and spent much of my day off today asleep.  All of my writing and spiritual work is kind of in limbo, of late, Work and Sleep are the dominant modes for me right now.


I feel strangely like November…  A sensation of turning inward that I used to associate with the comming of Winter and the long nights in Alaska.  Appropriate, I suppose as I enter the depths of Summer here in Florida. 




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Ennui and Inspiration

Merriam Webster on-line defines “Ennui” as

“A feeling of weariness and dissatisfaction.”

Well, I’ve been feeling a lot of it lately.  Great big heaping gobs of it.  It’s not as if I don’t have things to be doing, to keep me busy, or goals to work on.  I am working on some projects to develop my Hospitality and Restaurant Management career, I have a number of writing projects, and I am working on my spiritual and religious development through a variety of projects and meet-ups.  Still, I have felt, Bleagh!  Why bother?  Not so much a dark self-defeating voice of fear as much as a desire to do little except sleep and stare into space.


I sometimes wonder…  My family and I look at my Mom, and her alcoholism, with 20/20 hindsight and see it not as her core problem, but as the symptom of years of depression.  I sometimes wonder if this, too, is an inheritance I have from her, as well as a keen mind and an occasionally addictive personality.


Last night I was sitting near the pool, watching my Partner swim around and telling him I wasn’t feeling like swimming when the wind changed.  I took a deep breath and there, flittering into my fore-brain on the winds of intellect, having flown over the ocean of intuition, was a quote from the Al-Anon daily affirmations…


“Just for Today ~ I will do 2 things I don’t want to do – just for exercise.”


…actually it’s part of a larger affirmation about exercising your soul in 3 ways.  But, here at least, that’s not as important as the realization I had that there have been a lot of things I have been hesitating to do, and especially say, because I have been afraid of the hassles or backlash associated with the saying of them.  Anytime, recently, when I have meditated on my Chakra’s there has been this big blockage or sense of stumbling at the throat chakra… ?hello? … communication issues anyone?


So in the short term I climbed into the pool and swam around a little.  In the long term I am getting off my butt and speaking my mind, with some careful thought beforehand, but no more wallowing in what’s-the-point-itis!


I swear…, I had better start giving daily prayers of thanks to the Goddess and God of Witchcraft, and the other Gods I honor, for being gentle with me and not just hitting me with a clue-by-four!

… or was last night my clue-by-four?!


Well, here are a few things I am going to be taping copies of to my bathroom mirrror, to remind me and to keep me inspired…





Affirmations from Al-anon…

(Not a bad beginning on a daily practice)



Ø      Just For Today I will try to live through this day only, and not tackle all of my problems at once.  I can do something for 12 hours that would appall me If I felt that I had to keep it up for a lifetime.

Ø      Just For Today I Will Be Happy.  This assumes to be true What Abraham Lincoln said, that “…most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be”

Ø      Just For Today I will adjust myself to what is, And not try to adjust everything to my own desires, I will take my “luck” as it comes and fit myself to it.

Ø      Just For Today I will try to strengthen my mind.  I will study. I will learn something useful.  I will not be a mental loafer.  I will read something that requires effort, thought, and concentration.

Ø      Just For Today I will exercise my soul in 3 ways;

                               I.      I will do somebody a good turn, and not get found out; If anyone knows about it, it will not count.

                            II.      I will do 2 things I don’t want to do – just for exercise.

                         III.      I will not show anyone my feelings are hurt; They may be hurt, but today I will not show it.

Ø      Just For Today I will be agreeable.  I will look as well as I can, dress becomingly, keep my voice low, be courteous, criticize not one bit.  I won’t find fault with anything, nor try to improve or regulate anybody but myself.

Ø      Just For Today I will have a program.  I may not follow it exactly, but I will have it.  I will save myself from two pests; hurry and indecision.

Ø      Just For Today I will have a quiet half-hour, all by myself, and relax.  During this half-hour, sometime, I will try to get a better perspective of my life.

Ø      Just For Today I will be unafraid.  Especially, I will not be afraid to enjoy what is beautiful, and believe that as I give to the world, so the world will give to me.



            By Max Ehrmann

Go placidly amid the noise and haste,
and remember what peace there may be in silence.
As far as possible without surrender
be on good terms with all persons.
Speak your truth quietly and clearly;
and listen to others,
even the dull and the ignorant;
they too have their story.

Avoid loud and aggressive persons,
they are vexations to the spirit.
If you compare yourself with others,
you may become vain and bitter;
for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.
Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans.

Keep interested in your own career, however humble;
it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.
Exercise caution in your business affairs;
for the world is full of trickery.
But let this not blind you to what virtue there is;
many persons strive for high ideals;
and everywhere life is full of heroism.

Be yourself.
Especially, do not feign affection.
Neither be cynical about love;
for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment
it is as perennial as the grass.

Take kindly the counsel of the years,
gracefully surrendering the things of youth.
Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune.
But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings.
Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.
Beyond a wholesome discipline,
be gentle with yourself.



You are a child of the universe,
no less than the trees and the stars;
you have a right to be here.
And whether or not it is clear to you,
no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.

Therefore be at peace with God,
whatever you conceive Him to be,
and whatever your labors and aspirations,
in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul.

With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams,
it is still a beautiful world.
Be cheerful.
Strive to be happy.

Max Ehrmann, Desiderata, Copyright 1952.



Daily Prayer 1

Pax / Geoffrey © 2004


Mother Celestial and Father Divine,

Let me walk in Strength and Beauty,

Let me exercise both Power and Compassion,

With both Honor and Humility,

Let me always remember Mirth, as well as Reverence,

That I may be worthy of Thy Perfect Love and Perfect Trust,

And that of those in whose hearts you dwell,

Blessed Be,

So Mote It Be.




Daily Prayer 2

Pax / Geoffrey ©2006


Father Celestial and Mother Divine,

Let me embody, and evoke from, within myself

The Bravery and Confidence,

To act with Your Inspiration.

Help me to not fear to move forward,

And if I occasionally stumble then so be it.

At least I will be moving forward,

And I can always get up,

Dust myself off,

And continue forward,

Towards happiness and success.

Blessed Be,

So Mote It Be.


I am a Pagan Evangelical

I am a Pagan Evangelical. I know it may sound like a contradiction in terms, but it’s not. I was inspired to this point, in part, by the writings of Sara Sutterfield Winn. I first discovered Sara through her now dormant blog Pagan Godspell. (although I hope, I even pray, that she will feel the inspiration to continue that blog…)

“…Evangelism is zeal.  Passion.  To possess the wonderful infused light/darkness of Knowing the soul’s home and then embodying that in the world, through words, art, dance, prayer, the Good Work…just being.  To be moved by one’s religiosity to help others, spread joy, give sanctuary, feed strangers.  And to have the courage and skill to articulate these deep places when asked about them.  I never proselytize, but I aspire to be evangelical….”

~from the essay Pagan Evangelism on Sara’s website

To which I say…

“Blessed Be, Sister!”

Many people have no idea who or what we Pagans really are. That is sad, not because I feel they need to join us, but when rumors are sown in the soil of ignorance then fear will grow. There is already more than enough fear and ignorance in the world!

We are people of faiths, people of integrity and honor and compassion. We are people who strive to live the ethics and values of our faiths as best we can. We are people who live, and laugh, and love; a people who sings songs of the ancient Gods and exult in Their beauty, and in the wonder of Their beauty in all of Creation, and even within our own selves.

Yet, all too often, we are content to let other peoples speak to the world of and about us. Instead of taking our place in the full light of society’s regard we are content to keep to the shadows of other people’s distorted images and understandings of who and what we Pagans are.

Not only is our community content to let others speak for them, but often times it seems like members of the Pagan community are afraid to speak up for themselves. This is more than just tragic, it is dangerous. We in the U.S. have Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion, but rights mean nothing until and unless we invoke them. Stand up and claim your rights, or you may lose them.

Then too, there are those on the Christian Right who seem to believe that Christianity has a monopoly on values or virtues. This is, of course, not true but we can only prove this by spreading the good news of Paganism.

As a Witch, I say this as any Witch might… We can do this! We can share the Good News of Witchcraft and Paganism by sharing our Strength and Beauty with those around us, by using our Power and living our Compassion, by acting on our Honor with Humility, and by always remembering Mirth and Reverence we can not only change ourselves for the better; We the People, can change the world!

This is why I am a strong supporter of the Pagan Pride Project. These are the folks who have spearheaded the annual Pagan Pride events. These events bring Pagans together to build community, to show the world who and what we really are, and to do some good in the world.

I support these goals and would encourage each of you to support them as well. Stand up and invoke your rights! Sing of the Beauty and Bounty of the Great Mother! Hold Fund-raising dinners and events for your local charities, especially the Pagan-run or Pagan-friendly ones! Dance at a Pagan Pride event this year! Live your life in Their Praise and Presence!

Blessed Be,

Pax / Geoffrey Stewart

Honoring Heroes and Reinventing the Wheel…

Honoring Heroes

Thomas Jefferson’s Birthday was on Sunday the 13th.  In the mad rush of days with work and life I had not looked at my personal Calendar.  I have just now lit some incense in offering to his Spirit and memory, in thanks for the gifts he gave my country and in the hopes that he will continue to watch over us in this election year.

I can smell the Sandalwood as I type these words.  I contemplated offering some Rum or Wine… Wine would have been appropriate as he was a wine lover and oenologist, planting some of the first vineyards in the U.S.

Reinventing the Wheel…

 I mentioned my personal Calendar.  I am in the process of integrating The Wheel of the Year, my newfound relationship with the Gods of ancient Greece, and my passion for the Heroes and Gods of my Nation, into a coherent and practical practice as a modern Pagan living in Central Florida, U.S..

April includes the Full and New Moons, WRCF Moon Circle, WRCF Beltaine, Jefferson’s Birthday, and Earthday on the 22nd.

Reinventing the Wheel is actually a fascinating little excercise, although its taking a while because I am doing it in fits and starts, everyday life keeps rearing its mundane head.   Not that that’s entirely a bad thing though, it gives me time to contemplate some of the underlying themes of the Wheel and my own relationship with the Holy Days.  (you know… the Sabbats?!?)

 The standard meanings of the Wheel of the Year are suited to a climate where Winter is a factor, living in the sub-tropical wonderland that is Central Florida the actual Seasons are much different from those of Britain… where the Wheel originated.  It’s tough to relate to Imbolc as a time of beginings when its also the Citrus Harvest.  Or to relate to Winter Solstice’s traditional meanings when you are in a land where people look forward to the cool temperate Winter as a relief from the brutal Heat and Humidity of Summer.

Still, I am glad for the opportunity to re-examine the Wheel and contemplate its underlying meaning and message.  Sort of a ‘be here now’ approach to life and spirituality where you try to attune to the rythm’s of the world around you, wherever you may be.



Signs in the Crowd…

So I work at the Universal Studios theme park here in Orlando. I mention this because you’d figure it out anyway if you read the blog regularly and pay attention to this post in particular.

I was working a food service tent near the stage last night durring our month long series of Mardi Gras events. The musical headliner was Heart, and it was an awsome show!!

I got my break just as the parade was starting and was feeling tired and kind of empy inside. I am wading my way through the crowd and not really watching the parade when something catches my eye and I look up at the float passing by.

“The Universal Krewe of Dionysus”


I smile to myself feeling strangely encouraged go to break and continue my evening with a MUCH better attitude…

Its the little things "thats gets" me…

So as a Witch on a lot of Pagan e-mail lists, who uses G-mail, I sometimes get some interesting ads at the top of my inbox page…
today the headline reads…

“Honest Spellworker – – thats gets fast results 110% success reuniting relationship”

Now I know I sometimes mix up on spelling and grammar, but “thats gets”… on an ad?


Nevermind the train of thought that started with 110% success…

Is she sitting there minding her own business when suddenly her Psychic senses start to tingle, sensing a relationship in danger so that she can swoop in in her violet tights with a big pink and grey all seeing eye in a heart symbol on the chest and help to repair relationships that are going sour before they can actually break up?!?

Of course the truly disturbing part is that I clicked on the link out of morbid curiosity, and its not just that she’s a spell worker… she use “Wiccan Love Spells” for her 110% success rate. It is people like this who give Witches a goofy image…


An amusement


I found the quiz whilst wandering online and tried to answer honestly… I remember years ago my friend Nathan, before moving away from Alaska gave me the Empress card from his Tarot of the Cat People, because I was such a caring and nurturing person…

I wonder if this means I have changed or been transformed over the years or if the quiz, or my friend, is daft?


You are The Emperor

Stability, power, protection, realization; a great person.

The Emperor is the great authority figure of the Tarot, so it represents
fathers, father-figures and employers. There is a lot of aggression and violence

The Emperor naturally follows the Empress. Like an infant, he is filled with enthuiasm, energy, aggression. He is direct, guileless and all too often irresistible. Unfortunately, like a baby he can also be a tyrant. Impatient, demanding, controlling. In the best of circumstances, he signifies the leader that everyone wants to follow, sitting on a throne that indicates the solid foundation of an Empire he created, loves and rules with intelligence and enthusiasm. But that throne can also be a trap, a responsibility that has the Emperor feeling restless, bored and discontent.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.

Articulating the Inscrutable…

So I am working on a number of essays for the blog, all of them based on different parts of the Charge of the Goddess that have informed my faith and philosophy. I am having trouble writing them. Part of this is that I have held these parts of my faith fairly close to my chest for years now, being a solitary and all; and while the thoughts and feelings I have and the understanding I have come to about my path as a Witch make sense to me I am not sure how to fully explain them to others… or how far I should go with examples from my own life.

Then too there is The Fear(tm). In this case, the fear that once I post these pieces of my soul, that I will have to put up with people tearing them to ribbons. Strange how you can think you’ve outgrown old fears and limitations and then they rear their ugly heads…

Back to work…