Notes Upon The Journey July 14th 2022

7/14/2022 Thursday the Day of Jupiter
7:52 am Hour of Mars, cusping towards the Hour of The Sun
Full Moon


A brief check in today. So, I kind of disappeared there for a bit…

I’d like to think I was doing all right on my Pride series.  Unfortunately, as last month progressed with every few days some new tidbit of pain and misery coming across my various social media and news feeds, I started to spiral downwards.  Work was heating up for various reasons, and I found myself beginning to feel overwhelmed.  Then in the aftermath of the Supreme Courts overturn of Roe v Wade, and Justice Thomas’ concurring opinion, where he outlined an interest in questioning several of the decisions that have given LGBTQ people acknowledgement and legal protection under federal law…

It really awakened a lot MORE fear and anger, and as I review some of my posts from the last month, trauma, than I was expecting or aware was still lurking within me.  I pretty much went into a day-by-day survival mode for the most part.  Not the first time, especially if you’ve perused this blog at length or followed for a while; I’d like to think I’ve learned a few things over the years though. 

I recognized and acknowledged what was happening, including posting in a couple of places,

The realization that current events related trauma has you in a spiral…

*takes a deep breath*

Me to myself and the universe

Acknowledging such things, both to oneself and to others, can be the first step towards UNspiraling yourself.  At least that’s what I’ve found over the years.

So I’ve spent some time engaging in some base level spiritual practice, and some thoughts about what I wish to do with my time and tallents and this blog.  I am going to be posting as often as I can, and trying to put out resources and posts and various writing each month.

I am questioning some of my workplace situations in light of recent changes there.

I am also looking for ways to be more involved with my friends and social circles, and with some segments of my local community.  Even before the Pandemic my life and world had shrunk to one largely occupied by work – sleep – work again, and that is not living!

Now to deal with some much neglected things around the house.

Bliss and Blessed Be,

Pax / Geoffrey