My Florida Sabbats : Mabon

(Part of a regular series on Pax’s interaction with the Wheel of the Year and the changes wrought upon it by being in a subtropical landscape…)

The Autumnal Equinox has come and gone, and with it we in Florida have the return of Open Window weather.  We can shut off the air-conditioners and throw open our windows and the doors to our screened in porches and patios and revel in errant breezes and evening temperatures in the 60’s and the healing coolness of Autumn and Winter!

I have been caught up this Summer in a rat race of work and fiddling around on the Internet and otherwise not going beyond the surface of things.  Part of this has been what was once my usual pattern of Winter Hibernation… only instead of buckling down to get through the cold dark Winter, I now find myself buckling down and narrowing my focus to get through the Heat and Humidity of an oppressive new Summer.

I’ve said it before but its true, it is SO strange to find myself looking forward to the Cooling breath of Winter!


So Mabon… I didn’t Circle.  I aknowledged the Holy Day in my heart and in the last few days have taken some ritual baths… and renewed my meditations and energetic practices.  Tonight I shall be offering some incense and libations to the Lord and Lady and unto Hecate and Dionysus as well.

For me, at least,  Mabon is about renewal.


The Mirror of my Contemplation…

~Pax talks about getting personal and getting political~

The title comes from a something I wrote years ago…

Mother Light : a prayer by Geoffrey Stewart

Late at Night

I sit listening to Ancient Gospel Blues records on the radio

Stewing in my own anger and resentment

My mind awash with bitter, doom-filled thoughts

Barely able to stir myself to light a candle.

~Trying to light my way back to balance

Trying to light my way back to the Center

Mother, Light my way back home.~

The candle’s light flickers in the mirror of my contemplation

I find myself scrying visions of my past

Learning from and Laughing at my younger self

Finding myself, hoping I will know better next time,

Next lifetime, heck I’d settle for

Knowing better next week!

~Trying to light my way back to balance

Trying to light my way back to the Center

Mother, Light my way back home.~

Burning away the strangely serious Pains of the Past

Immersing myself in the cloudy cold waters of renewal

Gasping for breath as I struggle to surface from within myself

Barely able to stir myself to light the Candle.

~Trying to light my way back to balance

Trying to light my way back to the Center

Mother, Light my way back home.~

Mother, Light my way back home.

I started blogging as a form of Spiritual journal (or perhaps journey?), something about blogging it into the computer and putting these thoughts and feelings and experiences of mine out into the ether of the internet somehow keeps calling to me to write on it and return to it.  This is the longest running spiritual journaling I have done.  I have made some friends and acquaintances through it and I have learned about myself from working on it.  I intend to continue to work on it, but I am also realizing some things…

Chrysalis is about my spirituality and my life journey.  I have hesitated sometimes to discuss my personal life or my political views… wanting to focus on spirituality and provide a resource for others… but my personal life and political views are a part of my life and spirituality… for me being a Witch has touched and influenced (for the better!) every aspect of my life and being.

So in future posts I will occasionally be getting more political and more personal.  I felt like giving some fair warning.