Some Solstice and Christmas notes for 2007

So I finished my final for my last class of my Associates degree on Wednesday 12/19/07 and await my graduations ceremony on January 26th.

Feeling a little betwixt and between about that, and the hectic nature of finals and final projects combined with a new set of job duties in my new department (or, rather a new set of duties within the same department) have left me exhausted and a little turned around. Thus the lack of posting as of late.

I did not, despite my intentions do any sort of ritual for the Solstice. I bathed and preped for one, but having taken a brief nap ended up so groggy and semi conscious that the only thing I could do was huddle under the covers and sleep. The new job involves a LOT more walking and my feet and ankles have been protesting a lot lately… whatever else you may learn in life take care of your feet, for they take care of you!

I had originally thought to do something special honoring Hecate on the longest night of the year, sort of a personal equation of the dark of the year with the dark of the moon when She is traditionally honored.

Instead I spent the actual day of Solstice, which I had off, with my partner. We had a quiet day at home for the most part and made some low sugar Splenda “sugar” cookies with a cream cheese icing and watched a movie and generally reveled in our humble hearth.

For Christmas Eve we have continued a tradition, started last year, of going out to Chineese food (“That was the year we discovered Chineese turkey…”) and then driving to the beach to sing some carrols and look up at the stars and out at the ocean.

Tonight was one of those rare astronomical thingies where the nearly full moon would reach its height at the same time that Mars was at the brightest it would be for the next 9 years! The weather was cool but not quite cold, although the sand on our soon bare feet was a little bit chilly. The tide was high and the moon was full and unbelievably bright.

The clouds were obscuring our view at first and I made a silent prayer/request to the elements of sand, sky, sea, and hearth fire, that the clouds would clear such that we could see the Moon and Mars.

The clouds did clear and I thank the spirits for it. It was an amazing and renewing night.

The moon shone an unbelievably cool and clear light, and Mars stood atop the dome of the sky twinkling red and bright.

I delighted me to think that on this of all nights the universe was unfolding its mysteries and that somewhere in that moment there were Witches dancing in their Circles and Pagans raising their voices in song.

Near the New Moon Musings….

Being a Witch, being any species of Pagan, is not about the rituals you perform. Nor is it about performing the rituals because you feel you are supposed to. It is about opening yourself to the Gods. It is about the subtle alchemy of mind and spirit, head and heart, that touching the Divinities can bring about within us.

There is not always enough time in the day, nor do we always have the “right” tool or incense or what-have-you… Sometimes all we have is ourselves, and the Gods, and a simple moment to remember Them and the lessons they have brought us so far.

We do not always have Frankinsence and Myrh, or Wine to pour our libations and make our Toasts. We do not always have the right words, or the presence of mind to string two words together. Sometimes all we have is our Gods, and ourselves; that is always enough.

Thank You, Hecate and Dionysus!