About Last Night…

So last night I said a few quick prayers and poured some libations to the Lord and Lady.

The moon was full and bright and glorious.  Illuminating the nighttime landscape like some sort of great silver searchlight.  The crickets and the tree frogs hummed and chirped their almost electronic sounding chorus and the occasional bat squeeked by in the background.  I washed the pitcher I use for Libations and filled it with filtered water.  I went outside to the front yard and where the front path curves towards the drive-way and in that glorious shower of silver from the moon, I prayed.  I blessed the place, I blessed the water, and called to the Lady and the Lord in my own way.   I poured an offering to them.


I haven’t had the energy to write or do much of anything except work and puttering away on the Internet.  I need to do some creative work and some meditation!  More thoughts on creativity and sillence later…

Witches Virtues: Strength

Witches Virtues: Strength

By Pax / Geoffrey Stewart

Therefore let there be beauty and strength, power and compassion, honor and humility, and mirth and reverence within you.”

From The Charge of the Goddess by Doreen Valiente

Here in one simple sentence, there are eight simple words, eight virtues, and a wealth of meanings and possibilities and inspirations in a passage from the Charge of the Goddess, where She to tell us how to carry ourselves and what we should aspire towards. Today I am taking a closer look at Strength.

Let’s look at some of the definitions from our trusty dictionary…


1. The state, property, or quality of being strong. 2. The power to resist attack; impregnability. 3. The power to resist strain or stress; durability. 4. The ability to maintain a moral or intelectual position firmly. 5. Capacity or potential for effective action. …

7A. A source of power or force. B. One regarded as the embodiment of protective or supportive power; a support or mainstay. C. An attribute or quality or particular worth or utility; an asset.

8. Degree of intensity, force, effectiveness, or potency, as; A. Degree of concentration, distillation, or saturation; potency. B. Operative effectiveness or power. C. Intesity, as of sound or light. D. Intensity or vehemance, as of emotion or language.

9. Effective or binding force, efficacy; the strength of an argument.

~from the American Heritage College Dictionary, 3rd ed.

…I’ve cut out a few definitions related to economics and military terminology and card games, while interesting they don’t seem to cut to the core of what the Virtue of Strength is about; either in general or for me personally.

For myself, I find the many possibilities of what the Goddess asks of me intriguing.  Who is to say that She is narrowed down to one definition for Strength?  Physical, Moral, Intensity, … my momentary favorite is the capacity for effective action.

Here are a few other definitions of, and quotes related to, Strength for your perusal and consideration.

It is interesting to me that in my own mind when I first contemplate Strength I am drawn to the idea of emotional or intellectual or moral strengh and not to the physical.  In fact I know it was this inner strength that I sought when I first chose the Witch name Pax et Fort.

There was a time I was much less neglectful of my physicality, I was in volleyball and weight training classes in High School.

Physical strength and, by logical inference, health are important. We in the Pagan community can sometimes get so enraptured with the spiritual that we neglect the physical. This is something of a problem for those of us in the Pagan community. We all know folks who are all gung-ho about meditating and alternative healing and Reiki, but neglect to visit the doctor.

The more I think about it the more I know I need to work on my own physical Strength, and health.

Begining… again and again…

Tonight is the New Moon and I have honored Hecate.  I made some offerings of incense and poured a libation of consecrated water.  I also sent a prayer of thanks and remembrance to my Honored Predecessors… my own term for those members of the honored dead who were Queer.  In a sort of cultural, or perhaps subcultural, way they are my Ancestors too and I feel a need to grant them a special recognition.

I have been rereading A Book of Pagan Prayer by Ceiswr Serith.  A very useful little book, I highly reccomend it!  I contains a lot of wisdom and information about relating to the Gods through prayer and of the different types of prayer one may offer up to Them.  I found some inspiration in the pages of this book, and indeed some great prayers to Liberty for the upcoming U.S. Independence Day.

The last few weeks I have been just kind of coasting along.  I think I have somehow switched the Winter Solstice stasis/hibernation patterns of my youth for a Summer Solstice Stasis now that I live in a land of Stifling heat and humidity.  I have also been thinking, some, about this annual pattern of ‘hibernation’.  Everything but the most necessary duties, work and some housework, is dropped.

I am feeling betwixt and between as I realize I need something more than Solitary practice at this point in my life.  I also feel intimidated as I contemplate trying to immerse myself in Witchcraft and how shall I ballance that with building my career in the Hospitality and Restaurant industry?

I think… no, I know I need to meditate more, and pray more.  I need to open myself up to the inspiration of the Gods and I need to learn to listen to Them and to the wisdom of the world around me, as well as that quiet voice of Wisdom inside myself.

Strange.  I find myself thinking about a truly spiritual life and how it is sometimes like climbing up a seemingly endless series of fire escapes.  You work and you strive to reach a level and then there is more work ahead of you.  Living a faith, any faith, is like that.  It is a continuing journey, an eternal blossoming forth into the light of the Divine.