Synchronicity and Aphrodite: or a few random musings

Today’s word is Synchronicity!

Synchronicity ~ “the coincidental occurrence of events and especially psychic events (as similar thoughts in widely separated persons or a mental image of an unexpected event before it happens) that seem related but are not explained by conventional mechanisms of causality —used especially in the psychology of C. G. Jung” Merriam Webster online

I was contemplating Aphrodite, and other Goddesses of Love, both real and imagined, yesterday on my way home. As is my habit when I got home, I started checking the many blogs that I try to read regularly.

“Hi, my name is Pax and I am a Blogaholic.”

Anyway, one of the blogs I check up on is At The End Of Desire by Inanna, and this particular week she had a post up about the Temple at Aphrodisias

My train of thought on Aphrodite and Love Goddesses started out from the station of our societies attitude towards Happiness and Joy. I remember one day during my Psychology Class our professor had brought in a Tai Chi Fundementals DVD for us to watch a part of as part of the discussion of Stress and healthy ways of dealing with it. The Host/Instructor of this DVD, Lawrence Biscontini, comes across as an especially happy/cheerful/joyful person in his delivery. Within a few moments of his starting to speak there was some tittering laughter from the class…

It seems like in our society (U.S. North American) there is an attitude of pessimism and suspicion towards anyone who expresses a sense of Joy. In my own everyday experiences it seems like when I try to express my own Cheerful and Positive nature I am viewed as somehow simple or silly. I think it’s a sad comment on our society, especially when you consider that Anti-Depressants are one of the most prescribed medications in the U.S.!

My Train of Thought then turned along the familiar path of how our society views Aphrodite in particular and Goddesses of Love in general… us Geek Pagans sometimes think about these things ya know!

See, I am an old school, non-techie, Geek. I play Role Playing Games (Dungeons and Dragons, folks, not Dungeons and Daddies~ although the later can be great fun too!), I am a History and Sociology freak, and I have a great memory and am a voracious reader. I am also a Sci-Fi and Fantasy freak…

I remember in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys how shallow and flighty they tended to portray Aphrodite… and yes I know it was only a T.V. show and Aphrodite is hardly the only thing they got wrong, but it was their cavalier attitude towards portraying the Gods and Goddesses that left me cold towards this show and its spin-off Xena.

I remember in many of the fantasy RPG’s I’ve played, the Goddess of Love is portrayed as shallow, self-absorbed, and somewhat ditsy…

Now I realize there is some precedent in the Mythology for this image of Aphrodite… but I sometimes wonder if this attitude towards The Heavenly One isn’t symptomatic of our societies fear of or suspicion of Love, and Joy, and True Happiness?

Aphrodite is the Goddess of Love and Beauty, of Procreation and Fornication, of Desire and Flirtation: She is Fairest of the Gods of Marriage, the Goddess of Prostitution, She whose wrath can strike men impotent, She who bestows Beauty and Grace, Lady of Pleasure and Merriment; She Who with Erato and Apollon presides over Love Poetry and Song, Lady of the Morning Star, Protectoress of the Homeland, and Goddess of Peace.

The threads of Cynicism, and Self-Doubt, and the Abdication of Personal Responsibilities that are woven through our culture ~ especially our popular culture ~ sometimes seem like an pandemic. I find myself wondering if Aphrodite isn’t the cure?

Maybe we Pagans can start calling upon Her in our rites at Beltane or in the Month or Moons of February when modern minds turn to thoughts of Love… or in the Month of April when Her Festival of Aphrodisia was observed in the ancient days?

Or Perhaps we can call upon Her in our Pagan Pride observances as one of the Honored Ones?

Or maybe we should simply strive to remember Her in our secret hearts and sacred selves, and carry her influence out into the world with us each day.

Peace, and Love,


PS- to learn of the Lady Arising you can go here, or there, or even over here!

a few words for today

My first instinct is to just go to bed… but I am trying to post something here each day… I am reminded of a piece of one of the “Just for Today” affirmations from Al-anon…

“I will do something I don’t want to do, just for excercise.”

It can be so easy to coast through things when your schedule gets hectic… of course thats my issue not yours.

Its tricky trying to give vent to ones creativity when your exhausted and have had a recent dissapointment. On the one hand I want to vent my feelings and thoughts; on the other hand I don’t wish to wallow in my recent blue funk.

I’m still working on the Lammas ritual.. I have decided that over the next year I will strive to write a ritual for each of the Sabbats.

I am also working on some research on Isis, Hecate, Herne, and the Greenman…

must sleep more creativity later.



Daily Practices ~ a primer and a reminder

Sometimes there is the Opening of the Chakras, and sometimes the Quabalistic Cross… but these are the bones…

It all begins with a breath…

“In through the Nose,
Out through the Mouth,
Breathe Inspiration,
Exhale Doubt” ~ Pax

Then I start by sending my energy down into the earth like the roots of a tree… I am sitting at the base of the tree with my back leaned up against it…as my roots intertwine with those of the tree I feel the energy flowing up into me and through me…interwoven through me as a connect to the tree…up through me and out of me into the world around me like the branches I am intertwined with…I see myself intertwined with the branches as leaves sprout from me and a stags horns sprout from my head, I am the Greenman, I am Herne, I am Me and I am Grounded and Centered… I open my eyes and I am in the everyday once more…

“Mother Celestial and Father Divine,
Let me walk in Strength and Beauty,
Let me exercise both Power and Compassion,
With both Honor and Humility,
Let me always remember Mirth, as well as Reverence,
That I may be worthy of Thy Perfect Love and Perfect Trust,
And that of those in whose hearts you dwell,
Blessed Be,
So Mote It Be.” ~ Pax

Today, some random thoughts and realizations…

First in the conga-line of my mind is the realization that I’ve lost touch with a lot of myself in the aftermath of moving to Florida. I lost touch with some of my spirituality and sense of self when I moved down from Alaska.

I lost my sense of connectedness with the natural world and the spirits of the land. I’ve only recently been regaining this part of myself as I returned to my daily spiritual exercises in the face of some insane work and school schedules. Its been easy to put off magick and religious observance in my personal life…

Sometimes that’s the biggest challenge as a solitary is the whole “I can just light a candle and observe the Esbat/Sabbat” mentality… you can, but sometimes a full ritual with all the bells and whistles is what you need… Sometimes those bells and whistles help lead you to the important sign posts on your journey.

The heat of the day and the lack of walking spaces here in Orlando also led me to lose touch with my body… no, not like that!! I mean in terms of getting off my butt and walking and getting some small measure of exercise. I need to start doing more and thinking less. I used to like getting up and going out… and as I have begun to acclimatize to Florida and its heat and humidity I think… no, I know I can start getting some walking in and pursue my growth by shrinking my self down a few pounds.

Time for more physical and metaphysical exercise in my life! Now there’s a part of my head and heart that balks at that last sentence… “I’ve got school and work…so much on my plate already…there’s only so many hours in the day!” ~ that sort of thing?! But you know, the thing is that the physical and metaphysical exercise helps you to handle the everyday. The school and the job or career are so much easier to deal with when you’ve done the physical and metaphysical work.

Frustratingly enough, I KNOW that… I just haven’t DONE it!

Suddenly the phrase “The Great Work of Magick” comes to mind… its not always some big or important thing sometimes its forcing yourself to make the time for what you need in the face of what you want. Developing the True Will involves putting aside what you want in favor of what you need. That can be a difficult lesson to hold onto from day to day.


Another thing lurking in my mind is that sometimes life hurts… not the scarring, scary pain of tragedy… but the everyday slings and arrows that sometimes cut to the bone despite our best efforts to the contrary. There’s a passage in a ritual in one of Rosemary Edghill’s Bast novels where a character is reciting a very different kind of Charge… wow hows THAT for a run on sentence?! Anyway this piece says

“Life is Pain,
Pain is Truth,
Truth is Life,”

Life is not always pleasant, but it is always honest… and learning to face that pain and that honesty and to learn from it… that’s a big part of the journey… or at least it has been for me…


Lammas, community, and Harvests

Lammas 1st of the Harvest Festivals

When people gather together to celebrate the grain harvest, to celebrate and reunite with familly and community. When couples come forward to be bound for a year-and-a-day before being bound together, for life or for lifetimes.

A respite from hard work, and a celebration of the work accomplished.

I have pulled back from the church, and have not found very many in my local community to become close to… and yet I have friends, I have familly, and I have community. Not all close by, but they are out there and it is not as if its so difficult to reach out a hand of friendship…to throw them a line of communication as this holliday approaches.

I know in my own life that fighting my own fears… fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of being hurt… has been my biggest obstacle. It took a long journey for me to learn to trust in my instincts and to build a good library of experiences. Now its time I took a few pages from that library and reached out to some important folks.

I hope in your own journeys you can find the path through your own obstacles and learn some wisdom and some strength from your journeys.


Insane schedule and other misadventures…

SO, on todays agenda we have working at an outdoor vending cart from 10am-6pm then from 7pm-2am/ish I am working a special event at the theme park… the adventure never ends folks…

I am also fighting off a chest cold/flu/nastiness… trying to anyway…

I am also in a funk over this separation from my church, a pagan church here in my area. I am trying to figure out how to deal with the feelings, thoughts, and reactions I am experiencing in a constructive manner. I get the feeling thought that at this point it won’t matter how I respond, I’ve already been determined to be a loose canon or a trouble-maker… and that’s frustrating.

Anyway one door closes and another door opens… I am seeking some new ways to interact with and seek community in my local Pagan community, and beyond it… we shall see where these new paths take me.



Cross roads, and endings…

Sometimes you can have a conversation, or an exchange of letters, or e-mails and it changes things. Sometimes change happens and even a simple interaction can bring you to a cross-roads.

I wrote some things, he wrote some things, and now I no longer want to be involved in the church I was so hopeful and enthused about a little over 24 hours before. Now I stand within the cross-roads.

The cross-roads are a place of power and potential. You can continue forward, you can change direction, or you can go backward and cover the same ground again. Hecate Trivia, Hecate of the Three Roads is one of the Goddesses of witches. It is said that in Her rites the Thessalayan witches drew down the moon from the starry sky…

“Goddess of the Limnal Points, Lady of the Wilderness, Queen of Ghosts, Thosand faced Night, Mistress of Sorcery, mighty Hecate may your lanterns light shine forth in the darkness and guide my head and my voice, guide my heart, my hands, and my feet as I tread these cross-roads paths.”

I have chosen a change of direction, I have my own goals and dreams and I will continue to move towards them on a different path than I had planned. I would not have chosen this change. Sometimes change just happens and you find yourself at a cross-roads.



Knowing when your not ready, yet

Timing, so much comes down to timing. I’ve learned this in my involvement in the Pagan community, I’ve had to!

Dianne Sylvan touched on the importance of timing in her recent review of Tom Robbins “Skinny Legs and All…” In talking about the knee-jerk reaction of not wanting to read/watch/listen to something that everyone is saying you have to she says…

“I used to think it was a fear of conformity that made me run screaming from
anything popular; then I thought it might simply be a big dumb stubborn
streak. What I’ve realized over the years, however, is that sometimes the
gods whisper into my subconscious, “Psst…you’re not ready for this.”
Then a year later I happen across the book/CD/film again, and tumble into it
like Alice down the rabbit hole.
The lesson: trust your
intuition. Deep down you know when you’re ready for something new.”

I find myself relating to that. I am often very reactionary when it comes to that sort of fantatic fandom. It’s often a knee-jerk reaction but its very ingrained in the psyche of a lot of folks apparently.

It’s funny though, because there have been so many times in my own experiences where I have done things in relation to other peoples thoughts, opinions, ideas rather than my own. Although a lot of times in my life it’s involved getting involved in volunteer activities or projects…. usually in the Pagan Community.

At one point I was hosting monthly social events in the Anchorage Community. “Merry Meets” as I called them were a monthly social at a tea shoppe owned by a friend. These meetings helped stir up a number of community minded folks into organizing the first Pagan Pride event in Anchorage back around 1999/2000. (sidetrack#1 “Isn’t it funny how we in the Pagan Community can sometimes talk about something in the relatively recent past as if it were some historic epoch ago?!”) Unfortunately, a whole lot o’ drama ended up being stirred up by some of the folks on the very edges of the community and almost everyone who was active at the time got burnt out really quick.

Despite my better instincts I held out hosting the events for another year or so before I gave up having burnt myself out. The thing is I knew I was getting burnt out and didn’t stop hosting the events… I felt a sense of responsibility and felt like letting things end was a defeat or a failure.

So much, oh so much, of my journey in my 20’s was about not only learning to listen to my heart, my intuition, my higher-self, and any and all other instincts I have; but, also learning NOT to second guess those instincts. I knew on some level that things weren’t working for me, and that I was getting tired and frustrated, but I didn’t stop hosting the events cause I felt they were important and didn’t want them to die out. I did eventually learn about not second guessing my self, it only took the painful realization that I had placed my trust and friendship with someone who was worthy of neither and quite amoral to boot. I lost a job, admittedly a crappy job – but it was all the job I had at the time-, I wallowed in self-pity for a few months and then I started trudging up the hill of working to change my life for the better.

All of this is on my mind because my church is having its annual meeting soon and some folks have been encouraging me to run for our church Board of Directors, seeing as I am actively involved and have (or so they say) a lot of energy and good ideas.

Hrm, that “actively” has mainly been attending a Board Meeting or two, going to some of our Sabbat and Esbat activities, and being active on the e-mail list and in our forums. I haven’t felt all that active. I’ve been trying to focus on School and finishing it, and on doing well at the low-level job I currently have at work in the hopes that I will be able to get promoted to a higher level.

Yet, I really like the idea of being more involved in the church. I have a lot of ideas, and I like the idea of trying to build and encourage my community, and it was really tempting to think about applying for the Board of Directors and seeing if I could get voted on….

but, not yet…. I realized it’s not the right time because I can’t commit to giving this project the 110% it deserves. To quote Ms. Sylvan, “The lesson: trust your intuition. Deep down you know when you’re ready for something new.”

Timing, so much comes down to timing.



A community building (and as it turned out ego-boosting) article…

So those of you that know me know that I am into building community. In service to that I posted an article to Witchvox about community building that was published much later. Anyhow one of the responses was from one of the editors at Pangaia, giving some compliments and constructive criticism and suggesting that I should look at submitting things to them!! I was terribly flattered!

So to start things out today I’m posting that article…

Over the last 7 years or so I have been involved in community building work in my local Pagan community. First in my hometown of Anchorage, Alaska; and I’m just starting to get involved in my new home of Orlando, FL. It seems like whenever you talk with other Pagans in person or online one of the things you frequently hear is the complaint that there’s not that active a community in their area.

How many times have you signed on to a Pagan Community message board with 100+ members only to find that on those rare occasions when someone does post, it’s one of the same five people? Or, you go to a Pagan community event and everyone else knows each other and is clumping and you feel odd one out? Or there doesn’t seem to be much of anything Pagan that happens locally and when it does you don’t hear about it till the last minute, and it’s too far away, and it costs too much?

These are things that bothered me about the Pagan Community in my hometown for years. There are a lot of Pagans there; it’s just that there wasn’t a lot of communication or socialization going on between us. For a long time this bothered me, until one day I felt called to move beyond complaining about the lack of an active community up there, and start doing something about it!
That led to a number of misadventures, and one heck of an education about building community! I’d like to share a few of the lessons I have learned with all of you.

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is to fight The Fear™, which is that fear of both discrimination and disappointment that often causes us to choose to hide our Paganism from those around us and more insidiously causes us to immediately find reasons why we can’t or shouldn’t bother participating in the community when we darn well could.

Now, how often have you bemoaned the lack of pagan communication in things like online communities, but you rarely if ever post to them and take part in the discussions? I know how it is, I’ve done that. Heck, sometimes I still do.
How many times have you gone to that Pagan community event and everyone was hanging out with their friends and acquaintances, and you were hanging back intimidated as all-heck because you were the new kid at school?! People who know me from my work within the Pagan Community in my hometown of Anchorage, Alaska and here in my new home in Orlando, Florida, are surprised to learn that I am shy, or at least can be, around new people.
Ok, so most statements about my own shyness are usually met with a snort of disbelief and chuckling. The truth is though, that I’ve gotten a lot better (and infinitely less socially awkward!) over the years and for me my work in the community was a part of that. Part of that for me was HAVING to talk to people cause I was hosting the event that people were out at.
Now when I am in a new community at my first events I try to talk to a few people and make an effort to reach out, I didn’t always do that and I would find reasons not to go back.
How much does that far away event cost? Have you tried calling the contact number and seeing if you can get a ride or can work for a few hours in exchange for a reduced admission?
I never used to do that. I’d just sigh and hide away from folks while I thirsted for some sort of fellowship and conversation with my fellow Pagans.
Is any of this sounding familiar? You might be dealing with The Fear™. The first thing you can do in fighting The Fear™ is to acknowledge it.
Admitting, at least to yourself, that one of the reasons that the first thing you say when you learn there is an event across town is either “It’s too far away” or “It costs too much” is that you are afraid of the rejection, or of not being able to get a ride there or back home, or of the embarrassment of having to work your event fee out in trade, or that you don’t know what it is your afraid of, is in no small step. It is, however, an important one.
When Franklin D. Roosevelt said “The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.” He was right. The Fear™ is insidious, and undermining, and overwhelming all at once! Yet, fight it we must if we are to have the kind of Pagan community that we deserve. It took me about four or five years in the community to take that particular step… so don’t feel like you have to do it until your ready, but please think about it.
So, once you’ve faced and acknowledged The Fear™, what’s next? There are five basic things you can do to build a stronger and more active Pagan Community in your area.

1. Communicate with and within your community!

So go ahead and post to that e-mail group once in a while as the topics interest you, and ask questions if you have them. If you see an event advertised somewhere go ahead and call the contact number and if it’s a voice-mail box leave them a way to call you back. Take the step of talking to that person in the bookstore who is looking at your 19th favorite Pagan book of all time!
If someone in your community puts out a community events calendar get your hands on it each month, if they put out a newsletter pick it up and if you can go ahead and subscribe to it!

2. Take part in your community and its events, repeatedly if necessary. One time does not a fair sampling make!
Go to that community social or that movie night out or that drumming circle or check out the open ritual. Attend the Pagan Pride event in the next County. Try attending a road or park clean-up.
Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to someone at the next pagan social…
“Hi, I’m Geoffrey or Pax; uh this is my first time here, do we sign in or anything?”
(There are an endless number of variations but fight back that fear and take the first step!!)

3. Look around your local community for Pagan owned and operated business that you feel you can ethically spend your money at and do so!

There are plenty of examples in ethnic and religious communities and in the gay community of people from the particular community spending their money in community owned stores and on community made goods. And not just the occult bookstores and stone and crystal shops either! If someone in your local community just opened up a coffee shop then buy a package of your roast of choice, or a buy 7 get one free coffee card and commit to yourself to filling that coffee card!
The more we contribute to our communal economic prosperity the better our community will be able to stand up for our rights!

4. Look for ways to positively increase the public profile of your Pagan Community!
So, again, take part in that park clean up, or the 10k walk for charity. Or just donate money or goods to a local charity with a note attached saying “This item donated by the Pagan Community.”

5. If you see a lack within your community ask yourself, is it a need I can help fill?
The next time you’re bemoaning the lack of social events in your community, look to see if your neighborhood coffee shop has a meeting room or if they are amenable to having a social event held on site… most places will just want folks to order drinks for the use of their meeting room.
If there isn’t an e-mail list in your area go to one of the websites for such things and try starting one!
If you thought about starting a newsletter or a regular social get together and you find out there is already one in town, contact them and see if they’d like some help! (Most folks already involved in community work will welcome volunteers gladly!)

So those are the five basic things you can do to build a stronger and more interconnected Pagan community for yourself and your community.

Ladybird Johnson ~ December 22, 1912 – July 11, 2007

~It’s funny how news announcements can affect one. I’ve just learned of the passing of former First Lady, Ladybird Johnson a couple of days ago. I didn’t know her of course, and only knew a little bit about her until I read about her at Wikipedia…

~I knew she had championed civic beautification and wildflower conservation, and I knew of her as a figure of kindness and generosity. Symbolizing so much of what is good and decent to so many people, much like Princess Diana does to many people of my generation. For me, personally, the saddest thing about this is that we have lost someone who stood for decency and courtesy and kindness and beauty. It often seems that our society values people less and less for integrity and well, values than it does for scandal and sleaziness.

~I would ask those of you who celebrate Samhain to join me in remembering this special lady this year at that turning of the wheel.



Creativity, and reveling in its writen form…

~So I am a new blogger and reveling in it, thus posting a lot each day. I am also just revelling in the process of writing again. It’s an outlet I had let fall to the wayside for many years and I find myself revelling in the written word once more! “Yay!!”

~I have just recently figured out (I think) how to make my paragraphs appear on the blog as I compose them! “Another Yay!!” Now back to revelling in writing. When I was younger I had dreams of becoming an author when I grew up. I wrote a lot… Poems and short stories, and I always did well in non-fiction writing for school, and some of the fiction writing in fact. When I was around 10 or 11 I won a student writing award for a profile I wrote about an Anchorage area school principal and got to go to a Student Writing conference.

~Later on in College, before I dropped out, I finally decided on Journalism as a major. Life threw me some curve balls and somewhere along the way I stopped writing. I have had a lot of conversations with my friend Laurel, she’s a professional artist who makes a good living at it, about creativity. We both agree that the act of creativity helps one to get in touch with the Creator (or Creatrix, I think that’s the feminine form anyway). I have come to believe very strongly that Creative work, both physical and intellectual, is a very important part of being a whole and healthy person and it is so sad that our society does not emphasize it.

~I can remember working in Child care with an after school program and doing some of the kids arts and crafts activities, and thinking to myself that every workplace in America should have some sort of arts and crafts activity in the break room! Does anyone remember perler beads? They are those little round pipes of plastic that you put onto a sort of pegged shape and then you put a sheet of wax paper over it and iron it and the beads melt together. They are cheaper than therapy and darn therapeutic, or at least they sure were for me.

~Any act of creativity helps to feed the soul and so often in our lives we devalue these creative acts and treat our hobbies and crafts as silly little somethings. Or we place roadblocks in our own way for no good reason. Just because you can’t draw a photo-realistic portrait DOES NOT mean you “can’t” draw! Just because your sculpture looks more like a lump instead of a Lion DOES NOT mean you should give up! Instead of asking does it look “right” ask yourself am I having fun, am I enjoying this creative act, am I feeding my soul?

~Whatever creative stuff you do, and you might be surprised at what you do for fun that is darn creative, revel in it and don’t let it go.



Friday the 13th

~There is a part of my soul that revels in Friday the 13ths. I think part of it is the idea that 13 is a lucky number for witches… which may or may not be ridiculous depending on your point of view. I know that in discussions of Karma and the Rule of Three Doreen Valiente thought it ridiculous that people should think the universe had a special law just for witches…

~On the other hand, for me, it does seem that since we commemorate 13 silver moons in a year that 13 has a different connotation for witches and wiccans than for most folks. It’s kind of like being out and about at night and looking up and seeing the moon in it’s particular phase and smilling to yourself cause of your own relationship and mental associations with the Moon and Her phases.

~I also find myself thinking about the many occasions through out the year when we as Pagans and Witches and Wiccans COULD choose to come together. Friday the 13th’s, Arbor Day, Earth Day, 4th of July (or the independance day of your particular country), Veterans Day, Memorial Day…. there are a lot of times throughout the year that we as acommunity could choose to come together and commemorate that we don’t…. why?

~Back to today… I have blogged a bit on my blogs, and am wandering the net and getting ready to type up some homework… but I don’t have anything really special planned. But it’s the 13th…perhaps I shall light a Dragons Blood candle and meditate upon witchy thoughts and pagan ponderings for a while thisevening… with a nice cup of tea perhaps…

Happy Friday 13th everyone!



Todays goings on & thoughts on public ritual

So I am fighting off a sinus cold and trying to gear up to work on school work and some personal projects. The school work is for the 6-week restaurant front of house course, the personal projects are designing a community building themed ritual for Lammas (for myself currently but it’s something I want to have in my repetoire in the new year), this leads me to some thoughts on public ritual.

~First off, despite it’s beauty and power, I really do not think that the standard Wiccan Esbat/Sabbat ritual form is necessarily practical for a public rite. The Esbat/Sabbat right was designed for a small, well-acquainted, working group, who has worked to develop a group mind.

~One of the most moving and personally powerful public rites I ever had the privilege to attend was the Anchorage 2005 Pagan Pride ritual organized and priested by Guilford and Danielle, a druid and a heathen respectively. It was simple, effective, and deeply moving. It was elegant in its simplicity and it came from the heart.

~I sometimes think that the Standard Wiccan Format for ritual can get in the way for those who are either a) not Wiccan, or b) off a differing trad from the host group/ritualists. Of course I also think that sometimes we don’t do enough to lay out the what and why of public rituals. For their weekly services a lot of Christian Churches will have a small flier outline that weeks hymns, music, sermon, and affiliated activities like bible-study and pot luck. Why can’t we have that?

~ Think about it you go to a public ritual and you get a little pamphlet letting you know the basic structure of the esbat/sabbat and why it’s set up that way, what sort of audience participation was involved and how the ritualist envisioned it, and maybe some advice on who to talk to about what and when the potluck feast was and such. At a number of the public rituals I have attended this sort of thing could really have made a difference between a good ritual and a rite of power.

That’s all for now. I will probably have more to say on public rituals later.