Friday the 13th

~There is a part of my soul that revels in Friday the 13ths. I think part of it is the idea that 13 is a lucky number for witches… which may or may not be ridiculous depending on your point of view. I know that in discussions of Karma and the Rule of Three Doreen Valiente thought it ridiculous that people should think the universe had a special law just for witches…

~On the other hand, for me, it does seem that since we commemorate 13 silver moons in a year that 13 has a different connotation for witches and wiccans than for most folks. It’s kind of like being out and about at night and looking up and seeing the moon in it’s particular phase and smilling to yourself cause of your own relationship and mental associations with the Moon and Her phases.

~I also find myself thinking about the many occasions through out the year when we as Pagans and Witches and Wiccans COULD choose to come together. Friday the 13th’s, Arbor Day, Earth Day, 4th of July (or the independance day of your particular country), Veterans Day, Memorial Day…. there are a lot of times throughout the year that we as acommunity could choose to come together and commemorate that we don’t…. why?

~Back to today… I have blogged a bit on my blogs, and am wandering the net and getting ready to type up some homework… but I don’t have anything really special planned. But it’s the 13th…perhaps I shall light a Dragons Blood candle and meditate upon witchy thoughts and pagan ponderings for a while thisevening… with a nice cup of tea perhaps…

Happy Friday 13th everyone!



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