The 21st Century is when everything changes…

A fascinating YouTube video a friend posted to Facebook, it has be me* contemplating the complexities and possibilities of building community in the 21st Century…

…and you get 2 Geek points if you can identify the quote of our title without searching it on the Internet!

*(what ever happened to my ability to type?!)

7 thoughts on “The 21st Century is when everything changes…

  1. The quote’s why I clicked in. *grins* Yes, I know it. No, I’m not going to answer here. I think those who *don’t* know it, should go find it and then watch the show it comes from.

    I am signed up for several social media sites, but I’ll be perfectly honest, I don’t think I like any of them except, possibly, Twitter.

    Google Reader is my favorite service, because I do enjoy blogs.

    Facebook is a time waster. MySpace is just a way to keep track of bands. YouTube crashes my router.

    I don’t think of Hulu or blogs as “social media”. I think that’s a difference from the video. I consider Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Triibes, Ning, etc. etc. as social media. Basically anything where the main thrust is to meet, greet and network with people is social media. I would, summarily throw all of them out for one service that actually *worked*, didn’t annoy me with badgering requests and stupid applications, and let me modify it to display it in a format that works for me. (Hmmm… sounds like I should get a programmer on that.)

    Everything else internet related is a service, despite votes, rankings, or comments sections. Comments sections are no different than gathering around the water-cooler and kvetching about the article.

    I suppose the situation is thus: I dislike networking and talking to people face to face. I’m an introvert and a bit of a misanthrope. And it makes me happy, so I don’t plan on changing.

    So it’s incredibly strange that I’ve just spent this much time to enter a comment on a four minute video.

    1. Pax

      Yes, but that’s the insidious thing about the Internet… you can encounter and interact with like minded fellow introverts and misanthropes… before you know it your socializing on a regular (if virtual basis) its a PLOT I TELL YOU!!! (sips his coffee, mellows out)

      I still delight in e-mail and in older formats like the Yahoogroups… but as someone who has been involved in volunteer and community work in the past, I am beginning to get it in regards to some of the new social media formats…

      1. I can see using it in a volunteer or business setting. I think it’s useful for long-distance organizing and political movements.

        And Facebook has found at least one long-lost friend and my (estranged from the family) cousins.

        However, I think I’m still more prone to one-on-one communications, even when in a public forum such as this. (I was hit once to often with flames when I was a newbie on the net *far* too many years ago.)

        Look at that! See what you’ve made me do? You’ve made me respond to a comment. You must be in on the conspiracy. *eyes narrow*

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