Healing work

Dear friends,

So a member of a loosely knit Pagan community group I am a member of is having some surgery soon.  After asking her if she was open to the idea, I brought up the idea of doing a group healing either together in person or individually.  We went back and forth a bit online and we figured we would do it remotely and I came up with the following visualization/imagery.

Take a moment to just breathe. Opening yourself up to the abundant energy of the Universe that connects us all.
Breathing in life force and breathing out into your interconnection with all life. Breathing inspiration and exhaling connection.

Call upon those Holy Powers of Health and Healing whom are known to you and ask them for Their help in sending your love and health and healing energy to your subject.

When it feels right to do so reach our your hands, palms up, parallel to the floor, and imagine that you are clasping the recipients hands holding them as if offering her your support or help to stand while offering her your love and

If this working is to be shared together with others, either working together in person or many people visualizing remotely when they can you cam imagine that is some way your hands are superimposed over the hands of the rest of the people taking part, all of you joining together to show the recipient your friendship our support our care.

Ask the Holy Powers to help you and support you in your prayers and work in sending your love and care and in your prayers for your friends health and healing; imagine that They are holding Their palms to the backs of your hands supporting your hands as you support your friend.

When it seems appropriate thank your Holy Powers in whatever ways suit your Path.

It occurred to me that this might be useful to others, especially in a pan-Pagan community context.  So here it is.



So what do you think?! Opinions? Ideas? Beuller... Bueller?!

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