Just ignore that little black stormcloud of doom…

Hey folks,

So I am at  a bit of a cross roads regarding my interest/activity/passion for involvement in my local Pagan community… and I did a 3 card draw whilst asking the Universe and Holy Powers for a sign… (don’t do that….)  anyhow I got…

6 of Pentacles

The Chariot

The Tower

I am trying to resist the urge to call in sick to work and hide under the covers.  (tongue only partially in cheek here…)  I am also thinking I am still too close to the situation for clarity anyone want to Hazard some interpretations?

Please Note,

I will be updating this post much later today to add some general details surrounding the situation…



Update 12:56 am 9/16

So I WAS going to update with more details about the surrounding situation, but have decided to be discriminating and discreet with those for a while.  No point in stirring up needless trouble.


I will observe that the Chariot always seems to be the crux card in my three card draws…. not every single time mind you, THAT would make me nervous!   Often enough though that it has taken on a feeling of the OR card, or of the card that counsels ballance in the face of…  I will keep to my few small community related projects for now and continue my spiritual work and the re-immersion into my Witchcraft that has been simmering in my life of late and see where the Lady and Lord of Witches and my other dear Holy Powers lead me…

Peace, again and always,


PS- I didn’t tell anyone the best part… I was doing the three card draw top-down towards me so the 6 of Pents then below it the Chariot and then below that, closest to me, Tower….  I suppose the brief moment of “YIKES!” is good for my circulation though….

4 thoughts on “Just ignore that little black stormcloud of doom…

  1. Wow, I think there’s plenty of readers that would throw that spread out and try again. The 6 of Pentacles is muddled at the best of times, Chariot/Tower pair notwithstanding.

    Without any background, I’d read this as “Tread lightly and reconsider everything”, a call to *really* reflect and get to the roots of what you want out of your involvement with the community, and to objectively look across the crossroads you mentioned and consider the passions and motivations of those on the other side. It would seem the community does have something to offer you, but will leave you lacking in other key areas. Don’t make any decisions rashly.

    Another angle could be that involvement would cause ego-related victory (more friends, acclaim among friends, general social warm fuzzies) at the expense of your spiritual development. You may not realize this lack until it is sharply pointed out to you, either via a “social downfall” or general spiritual “oh shit” moment. Hence the “have/have-not” of the 6 of Pentacles.

  2. I see this as a warning. Specifically not to take on too much, to be aware of self-deception and conflicting motives (and the emotions behind them) or else you’re going to end up sabotaging yourself and making the situation a hell of a lot worse than it originally was.

  3. Pax

    Thank you both for your wise counsel… I am weaving it into some of my own recent realizations regarding the situation and pulling away a bit from the specific community group in question.

  4. I know this looks like a scary card spread, but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s my interpretation. The six of pentacles indicates a generous, giving person. My guess is that’s you *smiles*. The Chariot indicates the ability to control or balance opposing forces, but the Tower suggests dramatic change, not necessarily bad change, just change. Change is, but that Chariot sure is struggling to maintain things the way they are. My guess is you already know on some level what you need to do, but are being resistant. I think if you trust yourself and your spirits and take the jump, you’ll be okay.

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