Wake me when the Equinox comes…

Dear Friends,

A few days ago I was awakened from my days sleep by the pyrotechnics of lightening and thunder and a great gully washer right outside my window.   Later that night the tree frogs and crickets and, I think, some water loving birds of some sort, sang a primeval chorus out on lake near the apartment complex.

The last few nights I have relaxed with the windows open to let the cool night air flow through the house strange to think it but now I do think of low-humidity and the low 70’s as constituting cool night air.

The joys of late Summer and the cusp of Autumn here in Florida.


I am noticing the approaching Equinox this year… seems like the first time that I really noticed its approach since moving to Florida.  Some of that was the mad rush of days of School and looking for work, and running away from the collapse of my partnership with the Big Guy….

September was when I moved to Orlando.  It’s funny I would talk to the ex day and night from Anchorage…  hrmm I think I need to write out the whole story…  not here, well maybe not here, but somehwere sometime soon…

Anyhow September’s Equinox has, in years past, been a harbinger for great Change and now it approaches once more.  I find myself contemplative.   I am diving into my Craft as I write and rewrite into my notebooks and BoS and read amd re-read the few books I have with me in Florida and also wrestling with realizations that have come from this diving back into my Craft with the perspective of life-experience and diverse learning behind me.

More to follow…



3 thoughts on “Wake me when the Equinox comes…

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