Approaching the Cards and Coins and Cross-Roads Once more…

Hello Dear Friends,

So, I picked up the tarot cards again recently…

I’ve done a few halfhearted readings over the last few years, but I haven’t really opened myself to them… really approached the idea of divination/Tarot as a part of my regular spiritual practice ….  since January of 2009.  Which is when some new room-mates who were friends of my ex The Big Guy were moving in…. I was doing a reading after having cleaned house and I got the Tower and 10 of Swords and a lot of other doom-filled cards and I did the wrong thing.

I swept it aside and ignored it and was all like “oh sometimes you just get all the bad cards” or made some similar excuse… and I gave up on the idea of divination/Tarot as a regular part of my practices…. and ran into a lot of trouble and misfortune I might have avoided… or at least may have been able to soften the break-up if I had taken their counsel.  We human’s have SUCH a gift for denial and finding distractions from what we don’t want to hear.

The thing is, though, that part of the whole point of divination is to hear or see the things we don’t want to hear as well as the things we are curious about, it helps us gain perspective on our situation and sometimes perspective means not liking some of what you see and finding ways to work with or change it.

For Example…

This Morning I have done a simple 3 card spread… past-present-future …. and got The Hanged Man, The 3 of Pentacles, and The 4 of Cups.  (Cards kept upright, even in shuffling, because I am still relearning the meanings and admittedly still tentative in my approach to Divination.)

So we have time spent in suspension and contemplation,

We have financial gain and completion.

And, we have the potential for a period of distraction from the important things of the material and spiritual.

Not so bad so far…  Feels fairly spot on given my financial and career related concerns, not entirely related to the social occasion I have later this morning that I was inquiring about… but keep your mind on your money and don’t let things distract you from the things you need to me taking care of to succeed.  I can live with that message.

Now, lets see if I can find a way to face and read and work with the message the next time it’s one of the doom-filled portents and not some basic background info…


So what do you think?! Opinions? Ideas? Beuller... Bueller?!

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