Hey there folks!

Dear Friends,

So today was my first day off in the New Year.  The scents of Sandalwood and Palo Santo and Indian Temple Incense have been wafting through the house, offerings of incense and coffee and spiced wine have been made.  I have spent the day puttering around, cleaning things up a bit, and reading some new religious books, and playing around online.

I am trying to take stock of the previous years, and look to what I want to do in the coming year…

I set aside a lot of myself in service to my job in the last year.  The false hopes of a promotion and a tremendous amount of drama at the job.    I set aside my spiritual quest and my writing and a large part of what makes me,  That ends now.

I have been trying to reconnect to my spiritual practices and my faith and my Gods, and Ancestors, and Spirits.  Offering of incense and various libations.  Breathing deeply and blessing water and relating to the Household Spirits and the Ancestors.



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