Notes Upon the Journey September 10th 2022

9/10//2022 Saturday the Day of Saturn
11:42 am Hour of Venus
Waxing Gibbous Moon near Full


            Another month and more gone since last I wrote here.  This post will be a quick check in I am afraid, I have another post to post and some things to take care of before delving into the Hospitality mines of Orlando once more.

Several things heated up at the Hotel.  One of the last few weeks I ended up working a bunch of overtime including an 85-hour week.  Call outs and unexpectedly being rethrust into management duties and a number of reminders of both what I have done in the past and how rusty in some aspects of my work life I am after the last 4 years of misadventure. I often hesitate to post here of my work or mundane life much, partly because like most people working for a large company there are any number of clauses and preconditions to my employment that limit what I should be saying about work in public forums.

            Suffice it to say it has been very busy, and a needed reminder of my capabilities and worth in both the personal and professional spheres, it also has me questioning if I am in the right place for my best interests, but that is a topic for my journal, my resume, and other venues.

            A few days of surviving a mad onslaught of work, see the previously mentioned 85 hour work week, but in the only slightly less hectic days after I got a lot of practice in my grounding and centering exercises and a few bits of self-care spell work.

            Look for a few different posts here over the next few days as I shake some dust of my writing skills, in the last month I have had some time for thought and contemplation and ideas.  Rather I have pulled my ADHD blessed brain from well worn tracks of work related thought to spend some ME time in contemplation of both what I want to happen in the Life portion of Work / Life balance, and also of some of the ideas I’ve been mulling over to write about.

Bliss, and Blessed Be,

Pax / Geoffrey

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