A few thoughts on the Divine…

So as I mentioned in my post about my beliefs as a Witch some my understanding of my path as a Witch and some of my beliefs are in a transitional or transformative stage right now… of course what else could I expect when I identify Witchcraft with the archetype of a Chrysalis… Stagnation?!? I think not.

Anyhow, how I relate to the divine is going through some changes.

When I first felt the siren song of Witchcraft I strongly related to the Three-fold Goddess and the Two-fold God that so many of the books on Witchcraft outline. The Maiden~Mother~Crone Goddess of the Moon and Magick. The Horned God~Green Man God of the Sun and Lord of both Life and Death. In fact I still have a fairly strong relationship to the Green Man~Horned God as he inspired a part of my daily practices. That was many years ago in a vision I had while in a grounding and centering meditation.

In the beginings of my journey I believed that all the Gods and Goddesses were reflections of the Great Unknowable Divine. I believed that the Gods and Goddesses were individual in their own right, but were at the same time these reflections… or perhaps refractions…of the Great Divine.

As a History Geek, and a voracious reader, I know that there is little to no evidence for the Lord & Lady (as mentioned above) in the historical record. On the other hand, as someone who has studied Ceremonial Magick, it is entirely possible that They are emerging Godforms whose early emergance and eventual birth through Neo-Paganism can be traced in the recent historical record.

Read a few basic Ceremonial Magick books, then read The Truimph of The Moon, by Rondald Hutton and you’ll see where I am going with that last paragraph…

Moving on with my point, in my personal practice I have sometimes felt the call to pray to, call upon, and simply study other Goddesses and Gods. Isis, Dionysus, Hecate, Aphrodite… they have all intrigued my mind and set my soul aflight.

I have always maintained that the Divine is so much more than what we can concieve of it. I believe that the Divine is a part of every atom and cell of creation and at the same time transcendant beyond it. I’m not sure when this became a part of my beliefs… but it is now.

The Gods and Goddesses as individuals are much more important to me now. The Triple Goddess and the Two-fold God are 2 of the divinities I aknowledge and honor in my practice…

So what do you think?! Opinions? Ideas? Beuller... Bueller?!

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