Chrysalis, One Witches Journey

“Chrysalis – The form which Butterflies, moths, and other insects assume when they change from the state of larva or caterpillar and before they arrive at their winged or perfect state.”

I have been a solitary Witch for almost 18 years now. I am willing to learn and study within a Coven environment, just haven’t encountered a Coven interested in having me yet. As a result of this I have had to come to my own understanding of the Goddess and God, of Magick, and of Witchcraft as a faith and philosophy.

I sometimes think that in the end that this personal striving, alone or in groups, to grow through ritual and gnosis, ecstacy and inspiration, into our winged or perfect state; that this is what Witchcraft is about at its heart.

Sometimes I wonder if all of this is just in my head.

Does anyone else face those moments of doubt?

I think that’s what I miss out on the most in not being part of a Circle, Grove, or Coven. The bonds of friendship and fellowship and discussion that happen outside of Ritual.

“Breathe Inspiration, Exhale Doubt,
Return to the Beginning,
In through the nose,
Out through the mouth.”

From discussions, and my own experiences, back in Anchorage with some of the dear friends I trust, I know that The Gods are real. That Magick is real.

I just need to hold onto that.

So what do you think?! Opinions? Ideas? Beuller... Bueller?!

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