One Witches Work/Life Ballance

It’s strange how ingrained habits can be…

When the second part-time job started I went right into work-sleep-work-some-more mode… I remembered my daily prayers, but even in my days off earlier this week I was kind of in a mental daze….

Even yestarday, I tried to sit down and write, for an hour, on the rough topic of this collaborative Fantasy genre world my dear friend Nathan and I are developing… couldn’t work up the oomph to write my many ideas out.  Today, of course, when I don’t have the time… I feel like writing up a storm!

I think I need to throw down some tarot cards tonight and see what nudgings the Universe may have for me.  I will also be trying to get in some meditation time.  I am realizing I need a lot more concentrated stillness in my head and heart to deal with the madness and motion of my worklife.

I’ve been working on ways to integrate more cues and reminders and inspirations into my daily life and habits to keep me more firmly on Path than in that past.  (as mentioned previously)   Having an altar helps as it just forces me to think about the spiritual side of things.

(I know, I’ve already written about this, but if I keep writing it here eventually I shall be motivated and reminded to do so.)

I also need to get to a bookstore and find some more fun fantasy or sci-fi or mysteries or non-fiction or SOMETHING NEW (or at least new to me) to read!!

Look for a post on celebrating Civic holidays as a Pagan sometime Monday.

2 thoughts on “One Witches Work/Life Ballance

  1. TwoSnakes

    Feels like I could have written this post myself. I have talked with many friends and observed casually that as a man sometimes work becomes our religion. As I contemplate the freelance work I will be doing over the weekend, I wonder how accurate I really am.

    1. Pax

      Hey Two Snakes!

      I’m not sure if Men are the only ones who face this in the modern age… although I also find myself wondering if the ways in which men’s and women’s cultural roles and opportunities have changed over the last 50 years or so haven’t resulted in different reactions for men and women.

      You may be interested in the Pagan Men discussion group…


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