Heathen Community Rallies Behind Their Soldiers

Hello folks,

With my passion for building Pagan community building I was pleasantly surprised to learn of the Asatru Military Family Support Program

“Followers of the Asatru faith have a great respect for warriors and their families.  We see the strength and courage they demonstrate, and honor them for their sacrifices.  We also realize that even the strongest and most courageous need the support and friendship of others.  Having the support of those who believe as they do is a valuable weapon in the battles they fight, not just in war, but in life.

The Asatru Military Family Support Program is set up to offer an easier way for Asatru military personnel, their families, and veterans to receive that support.  They, and those who stand beside them, now have a place of their own!”

~ From the AFMSP website…

This organization, sponsored in part by the Asatru Folk Assembly, has also started The Hammer Project, a petition drive to encourage the U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs to recognize the Thor’s Hammer (Mjolnir) as an Emblem of Belief.

This would allow the Thors Hammer to be placed on the grave markers of Heathen servicewomen and servicemen who wish to honor their Heathen religion.

Perhaps other branches the Pagan movement can gather themselves together to offer friendship, fellowship, caring, and moral support to our fighting men and women and their families?

2 thoughts on “Heathen Community Rallies Behind Their Soldiers

  1. Paganveteran

    Athe Asatru Folk Assembly has the full support of the Pagan Veterans Headstone Campaign as well as Pagan Veterans of the United States of America in this. We won the right to have the Pentacle, now comes the Hammer and the Awen.

    Charles Arnold, National Commander
    Pagan Veterans of the USA

  2. I have to wonder whether support for soldiers (soldiers, not warriors ; there is a difference) includes support for their questioning of where they are sent to fight, and whether they agree with the fight. Does support for soldiers include support for their decentralized independence, as would have been the case in days of old? Grassroots, county-up militias more approach the older idea of warriors, whilst soldiers bespeak more of Rome and its Imperium. There is no doubt that soldiers have a high sense of honor, discipline, work-ethic, and courage, and put themselves in service. Yet our support for these high values cannot remain uncritical, or we join the “support our troops” bandwagon that leaves no room for critique of wars being engaged in, which we always have a right, especially as heirs of a warrior tradition, to levy. Of course, the first critique of war often comes from the soldiers themselves, if they are allowed to speak. They do not want to be reviled for their service, but they are often willing to share inequities, injusticies, and what they would have done differently if they were not enthralled to a hierarchical command-structure and had greater unit-independence like the old comitati. So I would like to see more nuance and complexity in our support here, lest we turn arch-heathen support of completely-different style warriordom into uncritical rubberstamping of empire. We can support them, and critique the institutions that bind them, and the politics behind them, all at the same time. This is no contradiction.

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