Notes upon the Journey: June 19th, 2009 10:29 am

Hey folks,

I am still working at the Theme Park, currently as a Production Line Cook in a Quick Service (fast food) burger joint type place.  Sadly, to get this part-time job I had to have open availability so I had to turn in my notice at the Retail part-time job. 

 This has ended up a mixed blessing though. 

The Park is STILL scheduling me only 1 or 2 days a week on average… so I am ramping up the job hunt; the blessing of this though is that what I am doing in the kitchen currently is so simple compared to some of what I did in school that it has reminded, and reinforced for, me that I am capable of a heck of a lot more than I have been doing at Universal…  and, for that matter, in life in general.
Things are actually looking up though because my family has decided to help me financially since I am in such a tight spot financially/employment wise, I will be getting an allowance month to help me pay off my remaining Student Loans and also to take care of my share of expenses (taking some of the burden off of The Big Guy) and to use towards improving my situation. 

Now this isn’t a free ride as it comes out of my future inheritance… but for the moment it is a welcome blessing.  I wish I didn’t need it, but since I do, I will be thankful and do my best.

Actually I also did some prosperity magic recently, in the midst of looking for work and talking to my family about my dire financial situation.  I hesitated to do it for a long time…  I don’t really know why

…some of it may be related to the prattle that one encounters early on in the study of Witchcraft where people get all Tales From The Dark Side about magical workings? 

Wannabe Witch and her Bridge&Tunnel Trad BFF’s:

“OMFG!!!  You should be SO super-duper careful about doing a prosperity working!  There’s SUCH a chance that it may backfire and kill someone you love and you end up inheriting money!”

Me back-in-the-day:

“Isn’t that just a LITTLE too M. Night Whats-his-name/Rod Serling for words with the twist ending and all?  I mean really grow up!  If you frame your intention and focus your will on bringing to you what you want/need without harming others you should be FINE!”

… and yet still some of that early angst hides in the back of our subconscious sometimes… it did in mine.

Then too, there is the longstanding and insidious assumption that poverty somehow equals spiritual purity.  It’s been a meme in popular entertainments for centuries but I think the strongest cultural stream bringing this into contemporary Paganism is from the counter-culture of the 1960’s…  back to the land and damn the man!

So anyways, I did some prosperity work and near the same time encountered enough prosperity to take care of some basics as I build on things.  Either I have moderate occult power or fabulous timing! 

I will take what I can get right now… so whichever it is I will welcome it as a blessing!

It is a particularly well timed blessing as my computer has decided to shuffle off this mortal coil; it’s Mother Board has decided to go all Casey Anthony on me with “distended coils” or some such… So I am using The Big Guy’s computer for the time being, and researching my next machine…

In other news, the magazine article (an interview on online-Pagan Networking with Fey of the Dark Side of Fey podcast) was sent to the printers by my editor recently.  SO go to the Thorn website and order your subscription today!!



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