Notes on the Journey (or Getting off my fanny once more…)

Dear Friends,

I took a walk today, for the first time in a long time.  Just a few blocks.  A few hot and sweaty blocks, even on an overcast afternoon.  Even though there are scrub pines throughout our neighborhood I was surprised at the scent of pine needle in the air.  I shouldn’t have been, but then again I have been so much of a slug since moving to Orlando, compared to all the walking I did in Anchorage.

I keep writing about, and thinking about, physical exercise and metaphisical/spiritual practice.  Yet when it comes to actually doing it I am making what I like to call intermittent progress.  Like the walk today, and the efforts I’ve been making to at least do a few laps in our pool each day.  And writing this entry…

I need to be writing regularly, especially if I am hoping to make some money off of this skill.

I did the first interview in what is going to be a regular series for the Thorn magazine website, and am getting to work on the next interview for the site, and my next column for the September issue.  I have been puttering away on different pages of the site.

I have not been getting scheduled very many hours at all at the cooks job at the park, no hours the last 3 weeks in fact, and have been filling out the applicable applications and looking at ways to improve my situation.  I am getting a food handling certification next month, or at least taking the class for it.  I am also going to be revamping my resume, and trying to arrange some informational interviews at companies I am interested in working for.

I will be writing here more regularly, now that I have a functioning computer and am in rehab for my recent encounter with the new version of Sid Meier’s Pirates…



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