I got Nothing…

Hey kids,

So the trouble with deciding to post something each day (or on a couple of cases FOR each day, gotta love my schedule) is that there are going to be days where I’ve got nothing… the Muse has gone out with her sisters to some club last night partying in Aphrodite’s entourage…

(Note to self, stack the deck with a few posts/poems/somethings in the drafts sections so that you’re covered next time!)

Although I’ve had some thoughts lately about how being happy and fulfilled all the time is a crock that I could unpack into a post.   Not that happyness itself is a crock o’ poop, mind you, just the tyranny of constant happyness.  There are times where you are going to be sad or angry or just some species of hot mess: AND THAT”S OK!

hrmm…. that ~does~ have some possibilities…

I’ll have to work on that…

In the meantime I’ve got to brew some tea and ready an ice-pack for my poor muse…  She’s gonna be all “My GODS that moon is bright!!”



4 thoughts on “I got Nothing…

  1. Pax

    Hey Ms, Dver always a pleasure to hear from you!!

    Believe it or not I ~do~ read the blogs listed in the ridiculously long blogs / links section… just not all of them all the time or regularly…. I’ll sometimes click through and practice a bit of Blogomancy (kind of like Bibliomancy)) when lacking inspiration or direction… or simply click on a few and read who is saying what…

    I did rather like Gordon’s post, thanks for pointing that out.

    (raises a glass in toast to you)
    Thank you!

    1. I didn’t even notice Rune Soup was on your list over there (and it IS ridiculously long!). I only recently discovered him myself, but he’s great!

      1. Pax

        Yeah the ridiculous length is the result of both my determination to make this site not only reflect my personal tastes but to also be as valuable a resource as possible for a Seeker or the Newly Pagan to be able to experience a wide variety of voices and ideas and information.

        I also have come to appreciate that I don’t know where a vital piece of inspiration or some synchronous piece of information that will click some of the puzzle pieces of my journey is going to come from, so I may as well be open to all sorts of things.

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