The word is Altars… not alters (unless your punning, then it’s ok…)

So I was reading Dancing Down The Moon, now that Diane Sylvan is posting to her blog once more, and came across a post about Altars

It has been almost 2 years since I have had truly had an altar of my own… heck if I count how neglectful I had been of my altar and apartment I could say well over 2 years….

A large chunk of my possessions are still in Alaska under the stewardship of some friends of mine, including a lot of my books both metaphysical and mundane and a lot of pieces and parts of my sacred toy chest. (As I sometimes referred to my altar)

I have a few things down here in Florida…magickally speaking anyway… and except for a couple of public moons and sabbats, and at least one private moon, I really haven’t done that much to honor the Divinities, or my Faith, or really myself since I moved. Mostly I’ve tried to tread water and swim with the ebb and flow of events in my life. Work, moving to new apartments – after moving across the continent, School, different jobs as I start to begin/find my career in the restaurant/hospitality industry….

…Its only really recently that I have renewed keeping a daily practice of grounding and centering… and of embracing my magickal side with spells to protect and defend my home and workplace from harm and drama.

…One of the hazards of the Solitaries life I guess… “I can light a candle I don’t need all the bells and whistles…” (yes I know I’ve written about this before… somewhere…) I guess I am realizing and appreciating that those bells and whistles are a part of the journey and that part of taking control of one’s destiny is getting off ones butt and doing some work!

So now I find myself contemplating the budgeting necessary to get my sacred toys out of metaphorical hock… and back into my hot little hands. I am wondering what species of altar I will craft… the last one was a simple waist high cabinet from an old Ethan Allen bedroom set… flat top, two doors, and an interior shelf… hardwood. Blessed and released and handed on to a friend for use as regular furniture…

I’m thinking of a wardrobe style cabinet with drawers on the lower level and a cabinet on top… small shelf at about waist high and shelves inside the cabinet portion? That would be ideal… maybe…

I will have to include some Altar work/requests/inspiration next week during Circle…which I need to get off my Witchy butt and do!!!


So what do you think?! Opinions? Ideas? Beuller... Bueller?!

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